An ‘un-cool’ girl is not un-smart, Mr CEO!

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Is ‘adjustment’ a must for girls to be successful in the corporate jungle, especially, if you happen to be a ‘B-town’ girl?

Is being born in a B-tier town an offence?


Then why do some peers and colleagues see me ‘different’. Just because I grew up wearing traditional clothes, oiling and combing my long hair, applying home-made cosmetics, used petal-essence for perfumery, does it make me ‘uncool’?

Is not going to pub with my colleagues makes me inferior in terms of my work-skills? Is smoking a fad I should have acquired to climb the corporate ladder? Do free mixing and offering myself to casual touches a ‘must’? Am I a stigma in the mega-city’s unstoppable rat-race.

Will I be ever considered a ‘fit’ unless I ‘change’ and make others feel ‘comfortable’? Am I wrong to practise a value-system that taught me to respect every senior in the fraternity I work with?

When I came to this big city, I came with dreams. The dream was to make a career. They never told me that a career means a lot more things than being a dedicated worker. You don’t climb just like that. You have to become ‘smart’. And this means a lot more on your part.

Time has lapsed. I wear tops and skinny jeans and at times skirts to show my ‘smart’ waxed legs. The ‘uncool’ girl in me has gone missing. I crave at times for the old good times, my friends – boys mostly. I once trusted the ‘superior’ gender. They were my best friends. We played and laughed all along school and college. We loved each other. It wasn’t love of the crush-type.

Now, it’s so difficult to find one guy whom I can trust. They all seem to be eyeing for something. It’s easier these days to compare girls with smart phone models.

I don’t know. Were things always like this? Will success mean a lot more ‘adjustment’ that I need to make?

In news, they have often been profiling women who went overboard for attaining successful careers. Some writers see these women ‘greedy’, ‘thirsty’, ‘hungry’. It sounds as if B-town girls lack character. But don’t they know, the truth, the other way? Our smaller cities too are now feeling the pinch. For being ‘smart’ we have to ‘change’. Is it so? Can’t we be our own selves? And still be considered for our learning and skills?

May be someday, some leadership gathering will consider corporate culture from our point of view too. Being smart is possible along with being ‘uncool’. Only if the team leaders could become a little more innovative with the way they deal with their peers. I am smart. I long for being ‘uncool’.

In my sense, it’s actually being ‘hot’, being original, being myself. So next time when you hire an ‘uncool’ girl, just think over. She can be your most loyal human resource, Mr CEO!


  1. Sandra

    Hi my name is Sandra and I just wanted to drop you a quick note here instead of calling you. I discovered your An ‘un-cool’ girl is not un-smart, Mr CEO! – Hashinglife page it is very well written. Felt as if my own story

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