Buy offline too. Just in case…

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Not everything that comes on web is buy-worthy. Buy Offline. The local store holds its importance, still.

There’s so much noise around the seemingly ever-growing e-commerce platforms. They are growing bigger and bigger with more and more people logging in. The shops on the ground, it has been mentioned umpteen times, are bound to lose a section of customers, or will have to start putting up stuff for sale online.
Much said and heard from the businessman’s point of view. How about us, the consumer? First instinct says, ‘wow’, the stuff is at a discount and ‘looks’ good too, then why not buy it? We go for it. There’s also a return policy, cash-on-delivery, etc.
Have you, ever, in person tried to cross-check the stuff that you are buying online with what’s available when you want to buy offline? The same product, unless it’s an electronic gadget, may also be better offline – in terms of newness or quality.
It’s well known that the online thing plays big, that is a ‘volume game’ and is hence able to give you discounts. It’s also true that it cuts cost on many downstream factors – like small distributors, staff, etc, that help passing 
of the amount to the consumer.
But while buying online, be careful. There are also incidents of being sold cheap short-lived products. Sometimes, these products don’t last long. Books normally are too good. But once, it so happened, that a friend who purchased a discounted book, got the copy a little unfit for gifting.
Both – online and to buy offline – are two ways of purchase. Choose one you are comfortable with. If you live in a far-from-town location, your immediate help is online. But if you still have options around, don’t shy away from going out and giving the shopkeeper a little extra. Irrational as it may sound, but localised ecosystems are important for us. When nothing works online, it’s the local store we are headed to. And if you buy offline you support your next door retailer friend.
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