Dear boss, appear for a test to stay one!

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The new digital economy is democratic. The time for age-discrimination in the name of ‘experience’ is over. It’s time our “dear boss”  take their younger team members seriously or be ready to get kicked off the edge

What’s wrong with older generation? For people with experience, please do not take this write-up as a challenge to elder generations. Rather, think about this issue with maturity. With ageing, is it that top executives just don’t want to understand the aspirations of millennials who now form the backbone of work-rooms around the world?

Why is it that the younger lot, just in the name of ‘lack of experience’ is not given a chance in the decision-making processes of traditional industries? Industries that are still in shock due to digital disruption?

Is it time that people over 50, who hold managing posts in companies must undergo mandatory tests of mental strength and decision-making, at least once annually?

Their decisions leave the entire company to the risk of losing revenue, or profits to put it otherwise. Like a pilot who has to prove his worth each flight, should testing mental abilities of the people at the top be mandatory?

Why not there be an annual examination based on the requirements of the company. Let the hierarchy be re-structured every few years, based on who tops these tests that finds people best-fitted to run the company.

Why not just remove the age discrimination and see who tops the chart and is best fitted to survive? Traditional industrial structures were built to control and tame talent as required by the companies.

Dear Boss, look at the newer lot. They decide faster, though may not be necessarily wisely. They experiment, which is a total-no domain for the experienced and the aged with things to control. They have digital tools to handle complex situations but the experienced guys consider digital tech a disruption to their manual way of doing routine work.

This generation-difference generates a lot of friction in the workplace and in turn heats up the ambience. There is more loss of time and under-utilisation of energy that the younger lot brings along.

Now see what’s happening in the digital age. The democratic setup is eliminating the age-old age discrimination. A talented individual can be the founder of the one of the best social networks in the world. Another can be running one of the best aggregation platforms.The superficial debate of having experience is losing relevance. It is Darwin’s philosophy, applied best in the new corporate structure.

Dear Boss, in the older generation, is it not time that you learn to share space on the bench? Or, instead, otherwise, get ready to be pushed over the edge! Don’t mind, but this is happening. Welcome to the work space of the new digital democratic economy!

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