My dearest, I love you!

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Love stories are always, usually, a great read. Some last short, some long, stretching several chapters. The fact that in 2017 we are still talking love ensures that we continue to respond to our chemical reactions within, bio-chemicals, precisely. So, why is love so important, when have decoded what’s this fuss all about.

Love, love not Life won’t defy For, you are mine Even, if me not yours

It’s because love is truer than any other kind of faith. When you feel that cold breeze slowly sliding in through your nasal passage, the glitter in those eyes before yours, that wonderful blissful moment, what’s on your mind? It’s an undefined feeling. Well, we call it love. Beyond faith, race and language you speak, it’s love that overpowers everything else.
So, love stories will always take you away from the usual propaganda of separation. Unless you are conditioned to defy your natural behaviour, it’s unlikely that you will not succumb to this beautiful feeling.
Love’s not mere a physical attraction or a reaction to your evolutionary program within. It’s more. It’s an urge to say out all that you went through over those cocooned years. It’s that point in time when you are ready to partner life’s story. It’s that partnering that becomes a love story.
This world is full of love stories. As many, as there are stars in the galaxies, there are such stories. This day, this day of love, you must also be having one such story. If not, perhaps, you have a story to share with someone you can love. In both the cases, why not share your feelings here at hashinglife. Who knows, yours is one of those few stories that we have not come across yet.
Love, love not
Life won’t defy
For, you are mine
Even, if me not yours

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