Hey Megha, Delhi beats your heat-quotient!

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Dear Megha,

It is so damn hot in Delhi. I would say hotter than anything hot (including you… don’t mind please). It burnt me, as I tried to appreciate its beauty. As I went around, there was dust, dust and ma qasam, more dust. It has choked my wind pipe, pinned me to bed. What the heat is this? How do you guys live in this ‘posh’ city I wonder?

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It is so damn hot in Delhi. I would say hotter than anything hot (including you… don’t mind please)


At CP it appeared that some trees, at least, kept the weather so-so. What happened God knows, I felt like walking, a practice I was happy with in the ‘lesser happening’ cities like Bangalore and Kolkata. Those back-waters, were truly walk-able, I must confess.

While there were neat layouts in Delhi at places like ITO, I must tell you that your city also has so much dhakka-dukki. Chowri Bazar, Chandni Chowk, my God! How come you guys never care to upgrade these old city parts?

It is not the first time I have come to Delhi. But had never felt this heat more than anything (hotter than you, don’t mind please). One question that comes to my mind is how do people manage a decent productivity? While we talk of Calcutta being so laid back, is it truly possible to work in this weather in Delhi. Or is this also why more employees are kept at lesser pay? So that at least someone will deliver the target of the day?

Well, well, I must say you girls of Delhi, are brave. You still go out in best of dresses even in this heat? Ba-ba. (By the way, I liked the dresses. We usually don’t get to see such beautiful dresses back home.)

Accha Megha, tell me one thing. Do you guys enjoy life here? You may say, ‘what a stupid question.’ But how and when do you enjoy life? See I am a simple guy from the back-waters. I don’t understand this mega-city-vity. But do you guys enjoy? All day, everybody is traveling. So many cars and cars and more cars…people rich no? But if all time you guys travel how do you enjoy and when so?

Don’t mind. Today I saw two men in metro rail. They sounded like men from the back-waters (like me). But they were so engrossed into a very big issue. Like you guys discuss finance, or marketing or bank-debt, or selling or buying in bulk for your company? But these two chaps discussed so different a thing. Unlike all other discussions I overheard. They were from back-waters, just like me. And you know what… they were concerned about how to come up with a new taal. They discussed tabla!

Dear Megha (as I don’t know your actual name), I know I will never meet you as we do not know each other and have never met. As you plugged earphones and felt asleep after getting up at Rajiv Chowk, perhaps you were searching for a moment to enjoy in your busy life. I had a urged to ask you these questions. But I was afraid. Mega-city, no? Your Delhi.

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