Most creative people are Jack of all trades

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Creativity is inherent for some people, but it needs to be cultivated nonetheless.  And one of the ways to nurture creativity is through varied interests.  Our Salsa Expert Ruchi shares her journey.

Growing up I was often told how it was more desirable to be the master of one’s trade.  While I value that opinion, I think I’ve made up my mind that being in Jack’s shoes may not be all that undesirable.  Constantly learning new things and experimenting can be a source of positive energy for many. As long as you feel truly passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t really matter how many things you are juggling with.  Or for how long you hold on to one single thing, before moving to another one.

To me this comes in the form of obsessions that last anywhere between a few months to a few years.  For instance, most part of last year I was completely immersed in a self-driven social development project.  On weekdays, after work hours I planned and coordinated action items; ensuring on-site implementation on Saturdays.  Sundays were almost always packed with fundraising meetings.  My social life at that time was obviously non-existent.

As long as you feel truly passionate about what you’re doing, it doesn’t really matter how many things you are juggling with.  Or how long you hold on to one single thing before moving to another one.

For a couple of years before that I was obsessed with food and eating out.  Nigella’s spirit ruled my kitchen and I spent all my money buying exotic (read expensive) cooking ingredients at Le Marche.  Friends were welcome 24/7 for home-cooked food.  When I wasn’t cooking, I was visiting eateries all over the town.

My latest obsession is dancing.  There is something about synchronizing body movement and following rhythm that I find deeply intriguing.  My mornings begin with Latin music; I tap along as I take a shower and get dressed for work.  At work, my eyes are glued to the computer screen, but my feet are moving to the beats of the music I plug in.  I have become a regular at dance socials.

The sentiment is similar to that of having an affair.  The object of your obsession takes up most of your conscious mindshare, seeping into every conversation that you have.  A whole new world unfolds before your eyes and you wonder if it is because of a magic potion that you naively drank.  But there is a lot more to this type of affair than mere infatuation.  The learning curve is really steep as you enter a completely uncharted territory. Depending on how driven you are, you can gain expert-level proficiency within a short period of time.  And the applicability is not limited to that particular context.  For example, working on the social development initiative helped me acquire project management skills which help me at workplace. Food makes for a fantastic conversation starter in general social settings.  And dancing has helped me become more aware of my body and has become my fitness mantra.

And just like a whirlwind affair, you never forget it.  I know that my feet will tap every time I hear a Latin tune, reminding me of my Salsa affair.  Maybe being Jack of all trade isn’t that bad after all?

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