Spitting your city red, what a shame!

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South Asia has a unique problem, spitting in the public place. We are really not aware if the same practice is prevalent in other parts of the world. If you know of this problem elsewhere, please share with us at HASHINGLIFE and help us understand why do people just don’t mature?

Chewing paan – betel leaf, with katha – a vegetable extract from plant, acatia catechu, and lime may be a relief in some geographical terrains that heat up and leave people dry-mouthed. However, there are many products sold in large numbers in the category of paan masala, precisely chewing tobacco. So you see people chewing paan masala, almost in every other city you visit this part of the world.

Everywhere you go, be it the metropolitan cities or the growing ‘B-tier’ cities, there’s spit and more spit. Walls have been tainted red. Climb up a public building, unless there’s strict supervision, you will see corners tainted red.

Interestingly, this nuance cuts across economic diversity of the cities. A stereotype image makes us think that it’s the uneducated class that’s making city dirty. Our person observation shows that even people, who you may, otherwise, consider ‘neat’, are rampantly participating in this dirty exercise. We personally witnessed this menace. As cars halted at a traffic signal, a ‘posh’ car traveller unwounded car’s front window glass pane, then poked his head out and gargled his red-tinting mixture out of the car on the main road. How could you do that man!

For some reason, all campaigns fail to bring these spitting beasts to line. There are penalties and threats of punishment, but the bad habit – which tarnishes the image of some of the best cities of this region – continues unabated.

Some old habits die hard but some never die. The S-gen, spitting generation, fails to understand that it’s infecting the world around them besides making the world dirty. If you find someone spitting next time, do raise your concern. The menace has to halt somewhere.


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