Start your day with morning, not mourning walk

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What sense does it make when your jogging means puking out bitter thoughts about your friends, relatives and acquaintances? HashingLife expert-management, Ram Jalan discovered the ridiculous side of the jogging track, where people spent more time strengthening negativity rather than enjoying the start of a new day. Walk the Talk! read on…

Life means taking of different paths. You cover a distance when you take the world on foot. Enjoy the journey, breathe in positivity and breathe out the unwanted; relax and enjoy the journey. There is no point hurrying because you are actually not going anywhere. No matter how far you lumber, you are always at the same place – the urban walking track. The world you realise is enormous, in a way that only you and your co-walkers know.

While you do your walk regularly, accidentally, you may develop the ability to hear and read your neighbour’s envy. Through which you get a whole new outlook on life. It could be too much information.

Once, incidentally, I discovered a new audio kinesis (also known as strength by which you can manipulate and hear the new sound) within me, and I could hear ongoing conversation around me and overhear any conversation, I wanted. Initially, this looked exciting, I felt, I was powerful.

But then, while I was enjoying the fresh breath of air, pumping in stamina, getting ready for the day with a lot of positivity and happiness, the world around me was at a tangent.

People around me were at war with themselves, their families, friends and colleagues. They were loaded with opinions, thoughts about others. A lady upset with her family… a mother unhappy with her daughter complaining to her friend… a gentleman worried about his business… a person jealous of a competitor… a teenager about his new girlfriend… father upset with the local business! noooo! I wanted to run away!

Then, I felt we don’t live a new life daily. We live more in the past and carry it along every day. Morning is a ritual which leads into the day. If the ritual is incomplete, it reflects the whole day. Happiness comes when you have a happy soul. My powers allowed me to manipulate the conversations, but, we humans were negatively doped. My intrusion into their conversation wouldn’t have been received well. I felt scared and defeated.

I decided to give up my powers. I cannot live with the burden of negativity and guilt of not being able to help others. I am amazed how our gods listen to all our conversation, each moment. How does he keep himself motivated? No more mourning walks! I will start my day fresh and motivated. Not alone, but with my happy soul and happy mind.

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