Digital Scrapbook for Gen Z: Making #digitalindia

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We can identify the Gen Z by the sheer speed at which they adapt themselves to a new tech or gadget. Earlier it took teenage years for a kid to embrace tech, today same tech is used by a child by the age of five. “Of the 20 million children who signed up for Facebook, 7.5 million are under age of 13 and 5 million are under age of 10”

We are aware of the rewards and handicaps of this tech freedom for Gen Z. Tech can be used for self-learning and development. Remember that scrapbook with colored pages, where we recorded achievements, hobby stuff, partly slam book. How about a Digital version of the same scrapbook for Gen Z. No, it doesn’t require coding. Now a days there are enough of these WYSWYG (aka What you see is What you get) platforms that help you build one. Now go and motivate a Gen Z kid next to you or if you can, help him build one for himself.

How does it help the Gen Z? Yes, here are the reasons why they should Live. Live!

Register your digital name:, isn’t that harmony to ears. Yes, block your domain name before someone else does. Moreover, when people search for you on Google, your site name will show up first. Make it your digital identity.

Tech to creative learning

Like it was learning windows a decade back, today it is web development. The web has become very user-friendly to learn new things. Besides tech, image editing, creative writing and loads of other non-technical things you get to learn

Self-customized learning method

For Gen Z, customization is so important. Here you design your own method of learning. From Step-by-step guide to Do-it-for-me there are lot of options across blogs, videos and infograph. If you already know the basics, there are advanced versions also available. Learning is there for sure

Learning is fun

You experiment with different options. And you always have Ctrl + Z (aka Undo) in case of a mistake. Results are immediate. That’s advantage #digital. You can be a star sensation in no time. That’s how AIB, The Viral Fever all started

Collaborative learning

Gen Z lives by collaborative learning, which is fun too. You can reach to friends and teachers alike for guidance and feedback. How about launching Best Scrapbook of the Month and let your teachers decide.

Get disciplined

When you have a fan base, you want to keep them interested. Don’t you? You regularly update and newer things to keep your digital scrapbook fresh.

Save time and money

Basic learning begins at home saving you lot of time and money. There is no cost of books or training material. Once you know where your interest, go and invest in advanced training.

Social media connect

Harness the power of social media. Connect your social media account to your website and stream your views and opinion across the platform.

What parents and teachers can do to support?

Parents and teachers will need to have an open mind to the new concept of learning. For parents, there is a small time investment for maintaining the domain and hosting the site. In few cases, invest in building the site if the kid is unable to do by himself. It will be a great collaboration between you and your Gen Z child. You will surely become friends. Teachers, should motivate each child in her class to create a digital scrapbook of his own and regularly update. Run “scrapbook of the month” contest and recognise the stars.

Parents should keep track of the kids activities on the internet and block unnecessary content going in their hand. Parents can take help of different content

I believe this could be a small contribution towards the Digital India mission. Making #digitalindia

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