Floating city in the Chinese sky – Alien invasion or a sci-fi mirage

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Residents of the Chinese city of Jiangxi saw a floating city in the sky. The city had the complete landscape, skyscrapers, mountains and trees, that of a real city. Did China become the first country to be invaded by Aliens?

The floating city was a complete sci-fi experience. Residents believed it was a ‘vortex’ to a lost Chinese civilization which could come back. According to a conspiracy theory, this might have been part of NASA top secret project called Project Blue Beam Test. NASA’s mission for the project is to simulate the invasion of the alien on earth. They also wanted to simulate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Earth.

floating city_mirage

It could be a trailer of the Chinese Tech supremacy – The Total Holographic Project. Chinese scientists after having mastered the holographic imaging wanted to execute a real life Holograph. They chose the “floating city” over a populated area of China to gauge human reaction.

All this aberration could just be a Fata Morgana (mirage) phenomenon where the rays of the light curve between the hot and cold layers of air in the sky and create an illusion. If this floating city was just a mirage, it is an extraordinary coincidence with such creative precision.

Fairytale stories had come to life, where the witch would create fake castles in the air to lure sailors to phantom of death. Or, we really missed the chance to make new friends from the parallel universe.

更好的运气下一次 (Gèng hǎo de yùnqì xià yīcì) or Better luck next time!

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