Walking into the ocean is the inevitable future

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‘Watuman’ (water human, as we phrase it) is our next level of evolution to happen. Now or later, it’s unstoppable. Life on Earth is mature enough to step back into the ocean. It’s going back home, where we once, long back, had started our journey to land.

The mighty oceans are still a mystery. Who all live down there? We know about whales, sharks and turtles. But we still don’t know much and hence take a dive now and then.

In fables, oceans are a home to monsters, ferocious animals and beautiful mermaids. In umpteen stories, we heard as fantasies, there are underwater cities and wonderlands. But, is it all just stories?

In science, the story is plain and simple. There’s life in the water – some forms we have discovered, mostly not yet.

Future requirements for our species demand an exploration of this three-fourth part of our planet. If we are to live here, we need more resources – food, drinking water, clean energy (and of course, now, connectivity – call it web or anything else).

Across the world, economic giants as well as smaller shore-nations, they are all trying to understand life in the water. It’s not that we have waited and let oceans thrive the natural way. It’s simply that, for us, it’s difficult to challenge nature’s might. It’s a challenge to tame this strength, unlike on land where we have forced rivers to pause, or build newer lakes.

So, what’s the future of and in the ocean? In all possible designs, across the world, people are dreaming of making ocean their home. There are beautiful art-projections of floating cities, homes and underwater living bunkers (you can call palaces or bungalows – whatever suits your tastes).

There’s also an urge to discover underlying treasures – not shipwrecks so much, as much as we desire to discover minerals and oil. Science was never a complete subject. It keeps growing on newer discovery. There’s always a possibility that the periodic table that defines all discovered elements may still have to make adjustments for the undiscovered ones.

Laws of physics – or the general rules be believe in – regulate our surroundings and the workings of our worlds. Anything against these basic laws, either has to be explained according to the existing science or will be considered in the domain of irrationality or ‘mystery’.

When we learn to stay under water, what are we going to do? Will it be floating through or will be engaged in activities within strong-roofed hangar-cities with tunnel-elevators to move up from the depths.

The mighty ocean remains a challenge, which we consider time and again. Someday, however, we will have to go in finally. It may be a few decades or a few centuries. But going there is inevitable. Are we lucky or not so lucky to have missed the depths? We have always been encouraged to explore heights. Perhaps, preceding generations never considered achieving depths a success. Here comes the opportunity as well as a challenge? Who falls in the greatest? This time, let us rise by having the greatest fall. Welcome to the world of watuman, the water-human.

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