Zuckerberg’s #digital and #startup wisdom At IIT Delhi

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Zuckerberg left a Mark on IIT Delhi. I am sure it will be an affair to remember for the three-hundred-odd students inside the hall and few hundreds waiting outside who couldn’t make it inside the Dogra hall. One of the most powerful business leaders of recent times wears the same coloured t-shirt and types of denim at work every day to save time. Father of world’s third largest country, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spelled following six mantras on future of #Digital and #Facebook on the audience

Starting Up is not Eureka

A startup needs to begin with a customer need, something they care about. In actual life, there isn’t a Eureka moment when you startup. It is all about, starting something and keep building on it. If you actually don’t know how big you can become, it is good for your venture. All makes mistakes, even Facebook did. What’s more important is not to focus on not making mistakes, but do as much good as you can.

Facebook aka Lost & Found

Facebook opens its platform to missing child update on the news feed. It has already helped find a child in the US. Facebook can track the location of 78% of its users on mobile. Soon we may see the tracking of digital gadgets on FB and help users locate their stolen/lost phone. Hope the thief uses FB too 😉 and posts on his wall accordingly.

Virtual power

Technology will make us powerful if not a superhero. Telepresence is here. Virtual gaming beyond boundaries is going to make us powerful. It is beyond gaming – health, education, community building, etc. Imagine playing cricket with our friends in Australia with VR glasses and headset to our ears. All this would be reality soon.

Collaborative learning

Give information online to people with no access to school. Collaborative learning will bridge the gap of quality education reaching the masses. Facebook has already started using its community power in Africa by building free virtual schools.

Facebook SOS

At times of calamity, Facebook will alert the users of such areas. Mark areas that are already hit and extend support to the affected people. It can help save lives.

Virtual Reality with 3D

Wall posts could soon turn 3D. After 360-degree video view, you may expect to share real life 3D images. Virtual Reality makes the medium even richer and real and Facebook wants to extend this experience to the real world.

Internet.org or the Net Neutrality could have been the 7th mantra if the audience wouldn’t have been divided. Zuckerberg tried all means to defend the good intent of Internet.org initiative. He cautioned the audience about the online petition, which made no sense if the people who really need net neutrality cannot go online and sign. One thing left answered was the data security and privacy in the free internet world. Until then Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg promised to put a stop on call Candy Crush requests on Facebook.

We feel this is just the beginning of Mark’s journey into India both Facebook and personally also. If not for shifting his headquarters here 😉 we are sure India is going to see more of Facebook’s Do the New. We will wait until then. What’s your view on Zuckerberg’s this visit? Do share with us on HashingLife.com

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