Be a king who crafts his own throne…

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Are you panic-driven CEO? Try doing most elementary chores of life or pick up a hobby that compels you to ‘build’ something’ out of nothing…For leaders of tomorrow, mini-tasking is as important as multi-tasking

In good old days, as our parents tell us and as is also evident from literature of the 50s through 80s, there was much emphasis on learning crafts and being able to do smaller things that may sound ‘boring’ and ‘time consuming’ today.

In 90s and thereafter, this habit was inculcated among kids as part of their academic curriculum. In scouting, world over, they still teach growing kids many things that can help them being self-dependent even when situations are adverse. Indian scouts even have the provision of taking a test of a ‘handyman’ – meaning you are prepared to tackle many smaller works yourself, even when you don’t find a carpenter, a plumber or an electrician nearby. In the West, precisely, and in many other countries, you don’t lose your status if you are a carpenter besides being a corporate executive. It is fun and a hobby.

With revolutionary change in 90s and after, we seem to have believed in outsourcing every possible job at home. Along the way, somewhere, we have lost the ability to accomplish even basic tasks. A small cut on the palm leaves us panicky. Why no first aid? Simply because we do not know what to do in such a situation, forget what happens in a bigger accident.

In this world, more than sending emails and writing out business plans, there’s a more exciting job that adventurous guys and girls love most – the survival game. In corporate jargon they teach you survival in the business world. What about surviving in the real world, every day? Ok. You aren’t headed to jungle or mountains or sailing across oceans. But the spirit to challenges adversities and face them makes great corporate leaders. People, who don’t panic, start trembling at the feel of an earthquake or lose heart as the aircraft shakes midair due to bad weather, are also people who tackle their businesses with ‘cool’ head.

Have you watched the Bear Grylls shows? The way he faces difficulties and takes up challenges is amazing. He puts us through the most difficult terrains and at times comes up with survival remedies which sound harsh and can’t be practised under normal conditions. Well, you don’t have to eat a snake to prove you are ‘the’ hero. Grylls, however, drives one point home. Be geared up to survive and he‘s excellent.

But the major problems get sorted only if we are aware how to tackle the minute ones first. Don’t be shy of attempting to learn the smaller things that you did as a kid. Cooking something out of basic ingredients is as good as putting your limited resources to use for generating revenue. Go ahead…pick that shovel and have a look at the untrimmed backyard. May be, as you dig through, a new business idea clicks in

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