Can you grow richer by giving away your wealth?

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We wish. You grow richer.

Being rich can also mean being in a position to do more for the world. After all, you have all the money that’s much needed for the projects in need of it. But can this translate into making you richer?

The art of giving away a chunk of what you have acquired is not something new. There are stories, we know of, of how the rich have left fortunes bequeathed to a cause they thought was worthy. Corporate honchos, great politicians, artists, doctors and others have all shown charity in their cause of interest.

It may be so that some of the CSR (corporate social responsibility) is also shown by some corporate houses as their humble contribution to a cause. But this is distinctly different.

So, why are the rich giving away their wealth? This question, at times, bogs us down. Also, why are some rich, especially the young ones, are so occupied in ‘doing something worthy’ for the world? Do they grow richer by giving away?

The idea of the industrial world and all the economic theories put to us always suggested one motive for setting up and growing a business – making profits. Why then this change acquiring a bigger dimension?

I have absolutely no clue, except for some wild guesses. Is it because the rich are too rich and they have felt that the divide between them and rest of the world is too wide – so much that they have turned extra-humans? Is it because they are worried that their wealth may migrate into wrong hands? Is it because they are sorry about it? Are they guilty of accumulating so much wealth? Or is it that the ‘conscience’ has finally made a call!

While this charity-phenomenon picks up, it’s also a fact that the not-so-poor who are moving upwards are heading to walled-cities that promise them a luxurious living… properties that are isolated pockets of amenities among the poorest people.

So what’s the rich-n-poor story going to be like in a decade or two from now? What it has remained all through the civilised world – there will be superrich and there will be ‘superpoor’. The give-and-take business will continue. The value in the system circulates. Even if you hold or store it, to strengthen your worth, you have to circulate the value you store in money. Can this circulation be also done through the needy? Can they make you grow richer if you share with them your resources?

You think, is it possible to grow richer by sharing your wealth with the poor? Have an idea, how? Share with us and enrich our know-how at…

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  1. Ramzo Ramzo

    Mostly in the rush to reach milestones and achieving them, truly we miss the people along. They may no be directly related to beneficial but definitely they have made a positive contribution. Giving back is positive Karma. Thank You for re-instilling the positive thought.

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