Can’t handle induction cooking, I am happy with gas-stove

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What’s the best way to cook these days…in case you aren’t ordering food, for a change! Of course, executives don’t cook (is it?). Life’s busy, you just need to have that food going down your throat with cold coffee and done!
Let’s take the weekend issue in this case, when the burger, or the pizza, or the hotdog – are not what you want to chew, but want to go creative. You are watching the weekend cookery shows and are inspired. Cooking, occasionally, is a stress buster for sure, for many people. (Don’t ask a homemaker who cooks rather than directs cooking. It’s real hard doing the job every day.)
A friend of mine tried doing the job on induction cooker. There were several customised buttons for, say, boiling, soup, etc. But for some reason controlling temperature was always an issue. The regulation of heat, as easy as on gas, was the most desired part. The food was either left partly cooked or got burnt. Despite its so much propagated utility, it failed to do the cooking quickly.

Compare this to microwave. On web, if you try to research, you will certainly come across many papers that suggest that microwave is not a real great way to cook food. Research claims that the nutritional value that you obtain in microwave cooking is very poor. So while it’s convenient to cook certain stuff here, it may not be real strength-giving in terms of calories you need. But it certainly offers you the steamy-hot stuff that you may prefer, when the food has been in refrigerator for hours.

An oven is also a good way to go. It, however, takes in a lot of energy. So for those of you who keep a watch on your power consumption, this may not be a real good alternative for everything. For weekends, though, you can take a chance.

So, we are left with the only alternative that despite all arguments, gives us a controlled and regulated heat – the old gas stove. While it’s way above other traditional fuels, it’s also adding a bit to our atmosphere. Still, world over, there seems to be not many options that help in cooking with reasonable comfort. What’s your ideal medium, by the way, for cooking? I found this one. Why not help me learn a newer way of tackling the cooking issue. Please share with me and others at…Go ahead, join the comment trail.

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