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De-stress in words of Spiritual Guru @SadhguruJV, “most of us try to manage stress, which is weird. Why do you want to manage something that you should get rid off”. specialist shares some kiddish tips to go De-stress! Read on~

 “I love you tooooo teacher!” Teacher burst out laughing and said…”Ohh, I love you dear Veeksha :)” 

The famous song “Bachcha mann ke sachche” from the olden days Bollywood flick “Do kaliyan” is a false assumption to start with. The Gen-Z especially kids born after 2005 are cute and clever both at the same time. Their performances are as smooth as knife cutting through butter.

Here are some of my observations and conversations with my three little girls all of five. They leave no stone un-turned to WOW and De-stress me!

Cute Veeksha not only looks like Dora but is equally adventurous. While the teacher was busy arranging books on the shelf and took no notice of her grand entry in the Phonetics class, she interrupted her, “I love you tooooo teacher!” Teacher burst out laughing and said…”Ohh, I love you dear Veeksha”

Sweet and naughty Aahana tells me, “I’d buy you that frock, the one you liked on me the other day, in your size. Mom, won’t you look really cute in it?” Then comes a series of kisses in an attempt to validate her point 🙂

Pretty Hrishita with mesmerising voice doesn’t care about pleasing anyone although she knows the art of manipulation just perfectly. I tell her ‘I love you’, she keeps quiet… Next I almost plead her for a response, “But I love you baby” and she nudges a little… responds bluntly with a poker face, “I love you too” and turns her face across immediately…

When they are taken to the neighborhood park in the evening, they never ask me to buy them bubbles or jellies which they always have their eyes on. Instead they tell me, “You must be pretty happy today that we decided not to buy those silly childish stuff from the store and listen to what you have to say?”

Every little thing excites them to the likes of practicing blowing up a balloon or folding a paper neatly. They would train themselves meticulously and then announce proudly to all that they finally managed to perfect the art…

They know their stomachs well and would stop at the first bite if they are full…No over-eating even if its their favorite pizza or Choco-lava cake at the Dominoes… (Adults, have you noticed this?)

Now that they know about traffic signals and rules, they make sure I follow them to a Tee even when there are no cops on the side…And talking over phone while driving? Huh! A thing of the past!

Taught them a thing or two about food nutrition and they became my personal nutritionists…A humble Dal became protein shake while Vitamin became Bitumen but who would mind these cute little errors…

Innocent and Interesting, kids are such a joy ride to take… Don’t get involved, just watch them talk, play or contemplate stuff from a distance and they’ll teleport you to their crazy world before you know it. You don’t need to join a Laughter Yoga class  that asks you to mimic natural laughter to de-stress your body and mind. Just make everyday attempts to spend some time with these dwarfs or go to the neighborhood park and observe kids play. Best way to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Today’s kids may make Parenting a difficult task but Adulting definitely gets much easier with them 🙂

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