Diabetes is a message to tweak your lifestyle. Please listen

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The joy of urban living is packaged with lifestyle disorders. Few disorders are out of choice. Like Diabetes. Diabetes is a message to tweak your lifestyle. Please listen. Our expert writer Gunjan shares this message through her personal experience and un-replaceable loss.

As I write this, my heart sinks into the deep sea of all blue! It was not too long back when on one usual evening, I received a call from my hometown neighbour asking me to catch the earliest flight to be there. I asked, “What’s wrong…?” His reply numbed my nerves.

And as I travelled endlessly that evening choked with anxiety, it took me 5 hours to reach home. People flocked in large numbers at the gate and howls came flying in from all directions. I was shaking like a leaf. I gasped in terror and noticed my whole life lay uprooted right in-front of my eyes. My angel had left for the heaven. I had lost my benevolent, big belly Santa Claus, my super dad, to Diabetes. Diabetes is a message to tweak your lifestyle. And I had clearly under-valued the horrors of diabetes until my whole world fell apart in a jiffy.

Diabetes is a wicked disease. It damages delicate nerve fibres resulting in blunting the pain of a heart attack. Thus, it may just feel like a pressure or squeeze in one’s chest, shoulders, arms, back, neck or jaw or even indigestion, nausea, light-headedness or weakness. To him, it felt like an uncomfortable indigestion.

Type 2 diabetes is predominantly a Lifestyle disorder, a disorder of the body’s metabolism. Our bodies break down the food we eat into Glucose (sugar) that enters the bloodstream. It then enters our cells to be used up as energy with the help of Insulin (hormone) produced by the Pancreas. In Type 2 diabetes, this process doesn’t work well. Therefore, instead of the cells utilizing glucose, it gets built up in the bloodstream. Initially, pancreas over-work to produce extra insulin to regulate blood glucose levels but eventually these cells become impaired and are unable to make enough insulin to meet body’s demands. This is called ‘Insulin resistance’ leading to starvation of body’s cells that make up tissues and muscles. Life-long medication as advised by the doctor and regular check-ups are a must once this disease is contracted.

Increased levels of inactivity and lethargy, sedentary work and life-styles and the garbage of fast and packaged food, are the basic factors that lead to obesity and at a later stage to Type 2 diabetes. As opposed to common myth, prolonged exposure to stress (physical or psychological) only leads to its detection and does not cause it. The farther your navel is from your spine, the greater the risk of falling for it.

Way out?

Simple! Adopt a healthy routine…

Go all out and have fun, laugh a lot, crack jokes to amuse yourself, ignore negativity, move around more, be active, take morning walks, stretch and exercise, meditate, eat home-cooked fresh meals, eat real foods, eat often in small portions, quit packaged food and artificially sweetened drinks completely, QUIT SMOKING, work hard, party harder, radiate LOVE and live a radiant LIFE. If you are Diabetic. You don’t need to stop living. Diabetes is a message to tweak your lifestyle. Please listen to it and Live Live!

And Let heart-attacks be a natural by-product of falling in LOVE, nothing else 😉

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