Each time you see a crow, be thankful!

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It’s urban, it’s wild. Yes, it’s a crow. Among the most hard-working species around us, the crow is neglected. It’s beautiful a bird, if you see it as a bird. Most of us just think a crow is a crow and is useless. But, to us, it’s helping us keeping our cities clean. The left-over is picked. The dead-little-once-alive creatures are picked away. We call this act scavenging. We don’t give much importance to these beautiful creatures because their beauty is not as per our definition of beautiful things. We would spend hundreds on buying ourselves pets – dogs and cats and birds and fish. But do we, seriously, ever leave even a piece of edible food, a little pie, exclusively for our crows?

Crows look for all sorts of places in an urban settlement to build a nest. These creatures collect whatever comes their way – wires, wood pieces, clips, anything that helps them build a perching space, if not a proper home. In tall buildings, grill-boxes or windowsills are only spaces left for them to live, unless there are trees around.

In summer, in storm, in winter, can’t we do a bit for these creatures? Why not have a crow-focused nature club or activity around? Why not educate ourselves and others why it’s important to offer a little support to our scavenger-friends?

As we grow up, we are told that we should plant and protect trees. We are also made aware of the global efforts underway for saving wild animals. But who’s going to take care of the crows in the backyard?

Crow’s lesson is to work..walk without fear even if the way is not clear..trust your intuition and the animals that cross your path to guide you

The day we discovered a young chick ducked in a nest that had fallen after a storm, we realised it was important to save our neighbours. Our observation included crows in our vicinity thereafter. Now we see what crows are doing around our place. We attempt offering water and little food to crows in our neighbourhood. We at HashingLife will try whatever little possible for the crows. Join us and the rest of the world by sharing your ideas and affection you possess for the crow. We stand for the crow!

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