Girl in the world of Social Dancing

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“Dance as if no one is watching” is soon changing to ‘Dance where everyone is watching”.  Welcome to the world of Social Dancing.  Here is our social expert on telling her story from the world of social dancing.  Read on:

I have come to the conclusion that life is unfair to single women who like to go out dancing.  The missing boyfriend means you don’t have anyone that you can routinely blackmail into going out dancing with you.  Your girlfriends are either busy posting lovey-dovey pictures with boyfriends/ husbands or sulking with relationship issues.  Being a corporate citizen doesn’t help either; all that the other slaves want to do on Friday night is chug their sorrows (preferably with freshly brewed beer).

I think the problem is rooted in my childhood (that’s where it always starts, right?).  As a kid who grew up learning Indian classical dance, I’ve been programmed to take notice of music beats.  If this wasn’t enough, I also love listening to music.  If it is a piece of music that I am especially fond of, it involuntarily produces rhythmic movements in the body.

And then, I was introduced to the world of social dancing.  I’ve been to a few Salsa and Bachata nights, which happen a couple of time during the week at a pub.  It is a microcosm of the world outside; you meet all kinds of people.  The star dancer that girls throw themselves at.  The tomboy girl who hangs out with other guys.  The vagabond who is just stopping by for a few days.  Married men and women looking for an escape.  The small-town guy with dreams to make it big.  The pack of wolves looking for their next game.  People with broken hearts looking for ways to mend.  And then there is Mr. Perfect, who you met just once and had a fabulous chemistry with, but then he disappeared into the night.

I’m a single woman who believes in equality and doing things on her own.  But in this world of social dancing, I like the fact that I get to be prissy.  I don’t have to make efforts to ‘find a guy’.  I could be standing in a corner, smug that someone would ask me shortly.  I like that the man has to ‘lead’ me; giving me that occasional ‘lift’ and look into my eyes like there’s no other girl on the dance floor.

Just like the world outside, there will be bad days.  One bad move and you might trip and fall. Stay on the floor and the watchers will give you sympathy before moving on.  If you decide to get up and dance, the music will continue to play. And the world will dance with you.

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