For God’s sake, let’s evolve

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Can god and physics exist, side-by-side? On one hand you have moral laws, on the other, universal. Remove both frameworks for the time and the argument turns baseless considered in the context of progress.

God – let’s remove all the brands, the religions, and systems through which God reaches us. So what’s god? We are told god lives eternally. God also created us. And almost all belief systems suggest that we will have to meet god someday. With these parameters, we are talking about an entity that’s huge chunk of energy. Because it’s energy and energy alone on which this vast universe runs. So in science, if god doesn’t exist, energy does. (Nerd’s response: stop this crap, faithful: nonsense, god is just around, you don’t need to prove where he is, you just need to feel it.)

Let’s put a word of caution. We are putting things in most simple words. Complexity is intellectual’s domain. For simple people life’s more beyond rituals and formulae. Now let’s see what physics has been saying all these years: laws of nature, gravity, the transformation of energy…the great Big Bang, after all not to forget. But, even if everything just happened with no prior planning or future design and accept that life just happened, incidentally, and the physical parameters – temperature, pressure, etc, were all that made us “occur” – even then, do we have the answer of where this universe we map mathematically so often comes from? What damn explanation is it to say that universe stretches to infinity? Well, what existed before universe did come into being? And despite all our future “designs” and “plans”, how you assure which way the die will land on the board that’s absolutely unbiased physical system all around us?

If there’s no god per se, there’s god-energy. And believers will be more than happy the day science acknowledges this energy pool, that light years away, if in any way, influences our own “destiny” – yes god has multiple “destinies” designed for us and in statistics we call these “outcomes”.

The biggest need we humans have today is to stand together – carry our individual operating systems that run our minds and immediate lives… it leaves us with beautiful cultures and philosophies of living. Yet, when it comes to our quest to discover “God” – let’s give everyone a chance. If we have all evolved as “conscious” life, we have a much longer journey to cover than arguing whose god is true and whose not – and – coming to a bigger picture – let’s for the time focus on uncovering the hidden in the universe rather than arguing over the Almighty or his absence in the events that merely occupy our economic and social sides of evolution.

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