Personality tempts. Invest in a man’s character.

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My friend’s a travel sport. He is ever-ready with his backpack and waiting to capture the universe in his 1080px by 1080px frame and engage his hundred thousand followers on social media. Besides his subjects’ adornment, he adores reading their aura. Jack loves People Watching.

He hails from a modest village in India, and the urban jungle is very new to him. He has lived the undefined race only since his college days. Therefore, his experience interacting with myriad emotions is neutral.

He objectifies bodies into personality and character. It is a personal judgement, though, which we know to possibly be biased and flawed. Even so, let us go ahead and rationalize the difference. We never thought so distinctively. Isn’t it amazing? At least, I didn’t.

Personality is easy to read and we’re all experts at it. We judge people funny, extrovert, energetic, ambitious, confident or lazy, arrogant, bullish. And though it takes more than one interaction to confirm the presence of these sorts of traits, by the time we decide they are, present, we have amassed enough data, to prove our conclusions.

The character, however, takes longer to puzzle out. It surfaces only on special social functions or during sudden events, traits like honesty, kindness, virtue. The character is closely connected with belief and value systems. It comes from both observation and interaction with parents, teachers, and other social network. A belief system can alter over time, it’s far harder than most realize. Therefore, people who have a positive social character are often most trusted.

I am happy with the people close to me, why should I care? We

We own an uncanny inclination towards positive personality traits and manufacturing out of them positive character traits. If someone is outgoing, fun-loving, we seize her to be honest, kind. The same mindset prevails while on boarding important people. We do this unconsciously, we want to like people we already like. Or correlate with personas already existing in our minds.

I don’t mean to say, Personality isn’t important. But when I am making a decision to include someone in my life in critical roles (that’s a friend, girlfriend, teammate) character is considered equally significant.

The truth of your character is represented by the choice of your actions. And these actions have a direct impact on my life and my role. Therefore, next time, I may like your personality, howbeit How is your character?

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