Poetry, prose and beatboxing: #TEDxDelhi 2018

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2-22-222,” only if you knew not how to beatbox numbers into drumbeats, then this is one of many justified arguments that should have brought you to #TEDxDelhi this Sunday (15 April). Vineeth Vincent (@vineethvincent) beatboxed the program ahead and performed brilliantly as an anchor through the day.

When Ganesh Raj (@onewordepic), director of Anandam, was on stage to share his story and lights on the stage went off due to some snag, it was Vincent, who not only requested Raj to go for a second entire-rerun of his storytelling but also got the audience at IIT-Delhi enthralled with his technique.

Themed Future of Humanity, TEDx [#TEDxwithINFY] here began with Deepak Bagla who through his numbers brought forward story of Indians and India in years ahead, India 2050.

Nisha Dhawan [@dhawannisha] talked about her experience with growing children. She also shared information on how an organization she is associated with is striving to improve lives.

Sushant Kalra’s parenting session kept people glued throughout. Sushant talked about how children are judged by the grades they obtain and shared a new methodology of how kids should actually be understood through their qualities.

Divya Goswami’s [@divyagoswamidikshitclassical dance left the audience spellbound. The message? Do not forget your roots.

Archana Nayar talked about autism and the importance of giving adequate attention to kids.

M Balakrishnan from IIT-Delhi shared the story of building a low-cost device for the visually impaired.

Cheryl Mukherjee [@CherylMukherjee] shared her poetry and her experience in teaching kids in Myanmar.

Samir Gupta talked about his experiences with people of Pakistan living abroad and people-to-people peace initiatives.

Yasmin Ali Haque [@DrYasminAHaque] highlighted the importance of digital medium for the welfare of children, especially underprivileged ones.

Jordan Johnson and his two team-members brought the audience back to higher energy levels with their energizing music and songs.

Ganesh Raj had barely moved ahead with his story of how he had acquired film art by reading wiki pages and watching YouTube instruction videos on filmmaking when lights went off. He had to re-do his story for the camera as well as for the audience.

Dhrupad Karwa [@dhrupadkarwagot the audience engaged in how his venture haiku jam [@HaikuJAM] is building bridges between cultures.

Madan Khurana brought to the forefront the reason why mathematics is important in today’s world and how reasoning should be a method of teaching maths to kids instead of forcing them to mug-up maths techniques.

Prakriti Kargeti offered her best poetical expressions in form of four poems.

There was more and a little more thereafter.

So, if you were a part of this TED experience, do share with us, here on HashingLife [@HashingLife]

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