Laxmi Nagar – Delhi’s ‘student hub’

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My search for a PG-facility in Delhi took me to Laxmi Nagar. People, I have had a talk with, said that it’s Delhi’s ‘student city’. Not untrue. My hunt for a stay brought before me some really interesting stuff. If you are looking for a stay here, read on…and if you have stayed here, please add to my little knowhow, so that new readers may make use of this piece…

How to reach

Laxmi Nagar is well connected by Delhi Metro. If you are coming from Delhi, take a metro that’s going towards Vaishali. The station is just next to the Yamuna Bank junction – the stop from which tracks for Vaishali and Noida separate. I am not mentioning any other mode of transport, as for students, to me, metro appeared the best mode. You can always look for buses or auto-rickshaws.


From a footbridge that’s also a connector to metro station, you will see hundreds of young faces on the pavements and streets. These are students who have come to prepare for competitive examinations – civil services as well as accountancy. There are large boards on almost any space that’s available on buildings, here. Every shop, here, is catering to the student community. You get everything that’s needed to settle as a student and to peacefully carry on with your preparation. Home appliances, kitchenware, stationary, books, restaurants, food-outlets – of all types, juice stalls, etc – you name it and it’s there.

Paying Guest facilities

Finding a PG: A PG starts at a price as low as Rs 2,500-2,600 a month and can go up to Rs 15,000, or even more, per month. It depends at which level of expenditure you are comfortable and also what keeps you comfortable. You can find about the facilities through people who are already staying there or from posts on portals offering rented premises. There are also smaller companies and brokers who operate in this locality. If you scan a few leads properly, you may not need a broker and, hence, can save on brokerage. But the lower the price, the scanty the place can be. The best is to have a balanced approach. As a student you have to maintain a not-to-high expenditure but at the same time also need peace of mind.

Interesting finding

Just close to metro gate number-2, I discovered a ‘self-study library’. It’s meant for people who wish to study in peace within an air-conditioned room and clean, well-lit environment. They charge as low as Rs 600 per month for a six-hour daily usage facility. You can book a seat for 24*7 usage of space. This ensures that even if you have a shared place to stay, here, you can study comfortably.


The best meal is if you can cook. You can practise a combination of order and cooking. Doing one each day. Tiffin can be ordered in a range of Rs 45-Rs 150, ideally. Occasionally, you can munch at the food outlets. There is a variety to choose from. Both – vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is available and there are options to choose from.


While some PG-facilities may have their own preferences of offering rooms, it’s a cosmopolitan ambience here. You will come across students who come from all parts of the country. There are also job-goers who stay here.

Should I stay here?

This of course is a personal choice. If you are low on budget, this locality is a saviour. Also, it’s well connected to the city-proper. So think about it. But it will be a ‘paying guest facility’. So don’t scale it with facilities you can enjoy in a proper rented flat. An option, higher in budget, would be to hire a flat jointly with friends in city-proper. For those who can’t afford that, welcome to Laxmi Nagar.

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