To experience India, get on the highway

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The many million-settlements that greet you all along the Indian highways are a blend of evolving words, idioms, and interesting tales. Ever planning to ‘discover’ and ‘experience’ India, then take the highway route to the heart of the most culturally diverse nation on the planet. More than tourist charts and GPS can tell you, these highways will enrich you with never heard experiences. Move on…It’s India, the sweetheart…

While driving in Indian cities, I wish I had an amphibian-vehicle, or I had wings and I could fly. Road trip to experience India is unique and I always felt that I had a bigger, faster car with very loud music system. How about a Dil Chahta Hai, the Bollywood chart-buster of all times, or Where streets have no name by U2, blasting your car speakers. Otherwise also, a road trip in India with a driver and you in the backseat is not a bad experience either. I love to doze off then, if not having an interesting book to read.

My recent road trip from Delhi to Jaipur is enduring. During the 4 hrs 50 min journey, my driver Sri Gajendra Chahuhan (‘Sri’ is equivalent to Mr) displayed striking resemblance to our elocutionist on Prime Time news channel. But this one was pure vernacular, ‘no subtitles required’ with desi slang tadka (now this is a tough one Desi Tadka means Tempered Lentils usually used to cook an Indian Curry).

For the stretch of road, busy with local “haat” – a rural market close to a place called Bahadurgarh Chauhan Sb (sahib) got into something called a “Bhasad” which is equivalent to a mess in English. Which he came out of course quickly. During his struggle, I was amazed he knew lot of people around and called them by their names like Bakch*d, Ghanchakkar, Chirkut meaning Senseless Talker, Fickle Minded and A Loser respectively.

With Every road trip in India you will find a no man land, due to war of no-responsibility between states. It was becoming a negative-physiotherapy for my spinal conjunction. Suddenly came an ROFL moment, when Ganjendra ji called it a Mallham Patti wali Sadak – a road that’s never repaired for good. Experience India is vocal indeed but straight from the heart.

We moved on! And then this accented GPS voice misguided us to a detour between the small town of Jhajjar. This was a special 60 min ride amidst 38 speed-breakers within a stretch of 28 km. Chauhan Sb gave it a special name again and called it a Uche Patte Wali Sadak or a road full of bumpers. By now my Experience India journey was at its pinnacle.

Finally,we reached our destination – City Palace, Jaipur. While Chauhan sb was narrowing down a vacant space, a BMW X6 slid whisked pass the Innova and blocked the space. Both the gentlemen, Big Boys Toyz owner and Gajendra Sb yelled at each other. The guy on my side decided to give a final blow – went on to call him a Branded Ch*tia (aka Branded Idiot) for his rude behavior. And I escaped into the palace before I become a Kabab main haddi and deter the socialization of the desi couple aka Indian Couple. My experience India journey was enthralling and I was dying for more aka, Dil Mange More

Come live India the way we do: from the roots until the shoots, living metro the earthy way on we will share everything. Keep watching this space for more and #life


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