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We the people of India. We do not have anything in common except we are Indians. We are a group of 1.2 billion people across twenty-nine states and seven union territories speaking one hundred twenty-two major languages. No wonder, personality and character in India are heterogeneous.

You remember my friend Jack, the Pictographer (earlier story in reference to Jack). He returned from his tour of New Delhi, Kolkata. Jaipur, and Mumbai. As always, he adorned the emotions and ethos (aka personality and character) of the people he met through interaction and feedback. But this wasn’t easy?

There is no point asking directly to the person whose character you are trying to uncover. It may remain ‘dormant’ until circumstances stir them up for an observable reaction. If continued further would have led to pure bias. Hence, linear note was the most suitable mean. He phrased many questions for the native about folks in their own city and the other four. These were indirect questions that pushed people to apply their own judgement; based on their collective experience.

Questions like –

  1. What’s in your opinion the biggest weakness of people of Delhi – tells about character
  2. Between Delhi and Kolkata who do you believe look more positive – what is the personality
  3. Which is a better place to do business, Mumbai or Jaipur? And why do you say so? – personality and character
  4. Have you ever know people of xxx city lie? What situation? – character

Individual feedback is flawed and bias. He banks on ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ which means ‘if individually multiple people return similar answers,  the probability of their collective judgement being right is high.

We the People of India and our vivid character and personality. Let us look at the pointed results:

88% of respondents voted Delhi for personality. They are the best-dressed people across Delhisocio-economic classification. They are confident, determined, and outspoken. Tough situations surface the true colours of Delhites which is mean, non-cooperative, aggressive and vocal. On Character, it was a low score throughout, almost less than 50%. People who are from nearby locations are quick to adapt to the general aura. Rest of India finds it difficult to adjust and adapt to the city’s intensity. People take extra caution when they are doing business in Delhi.

“Who sees all beings in his own self and his own self in all beings, loses all fear”. This is Jaipur for you,Jaipurfriends! People are resilient but very polite and welcoming. The princely states of Rajasthan and their palace, are the destination wedding for wannabe duo. Rajasthan is also among the Top 10 Tourist destinations in the world which would not be possible without a trust-worthy troposphere. 88% people in India voted Jaipur positive on their character. The Rajputs are gutsy and laborious but genuine. 80% India admires their personality. In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, “There are no foreign lands, it is the traveler only who is foreign”. You are made of every celebration that the city garnish.

The “City of Joy”  has won million of hearts across the country for their pleasing nature and repute. IndiaKolkata_2 sees Kolkatans as an easy-going clan who are against too much stress. Laborious in their own way. Fixed hours of work and unlimited fun is their mantra.

Eminent authors, filmmakers found their solace in the city. Artists draw inspiration. Travellers say the finest thing about this city is ‘nothing much has changed even after a century’ – yes for few, this could mean stagnation  but for the rest, it is a strong culture bonding. The ‘Bhodro Bangali’ for whom simplicity is the way of life score around 50% on Personality. And 85%+ for good character and dependability. Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and now the captain of Kolkata Night Riders team belongs to Delhi. He has been a frequent traveller to the city and now a Kolkatan also. He said:


“If you ask one man for directions, there are two more who will gather there and make sure you reachMumbai_2the destination” – you are never lost in Mumbai. I say this from my personal experience. In the words of Mrs. Jules, an expat who stayed in Mumbai for 2 years and wrote a very popular blog says – “Mumbai isn’t an easy place to stay, but the city has its own hidden gems yet to be discovered”. People come to the city with a dream, they struggle, work hard and whatever they do, they are happy. Mumbai doesn’t belong to Maharashtrians only like Kolkata doesn’t belong only to Bengalis. The charm of the city of Mumbai lies in its worldliness. Many call it the Fashion Capital of the country, the essence of Indian Cinema and Theatre bloomed in this city and still continues. The Financial Capital, as well. Stock market, banks, financial institutions, venture capitalists. You name it, the city has it all. For personality, the city is right up there in the top 90%. In Mumbai, you just need to enjoy living. Leave rest on to Mumbai, it will teach you. Else you will not be staying in here.

This is our personal view. Yours could be different.  We people of India are different in thoughts and ideas. Here, the plan is to understand people’s’ personality and character before building relationships. There is no assurance of getting it right. Like there is no surety how will you do in those situations.


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