It is mama’s week-out, but baby is home-alone…

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Work is keeping professionals more and more in the skies, away from their kids. Long absence can affect children negatively. The idea is to be with them, even when you are miles away.

When you are away from home, in a different time zone, what bothers you most? My assumption, it’s your kids back home. Well, if you are unmarried, perhaps it may be a boyfriend or a girlfriend who’s a concern. But for working professionals, kids are ones who are missed most.

On the other part of the planet, they miss you consistently. For regular fliers, it’s important to help kids face this absence of the parent or parents at intervals. Things could be worse for the angels, if you are away for months on a project.

Here are a few steps that can help fill the gap, though, these remedies can only be a weaker substitute for your actual presence with your children.

Regular interaction

Talk to your kids as many times possible during the day. A video-chat is an ideal way to interact. But, if circumstances be so different where you are consistently busy, calls during breaks, can be great. Interaction occupies the voids that result from long absence. You may even leave a small video clip or audio clip, or a snap of yours, for your kids to see or listen, in case time zones are weirdly different. Some people try a midnight alarm to switch on video chats during hours that are comfortable for kids back home.

Talking things that matter to children

Children enjoy talking things of their interest and stuff that surrounds them. The idea is to listen to them carefully and react to what they say. They will not talk blueprints, money or million-dollar projects to you. They will talk what toys they played with, what happened when they were at school and things which may not be exciting to you. But offer full excitement on your part. They may stop sharing otherwise.

Send them a gift

A small gift sent to your kids will only make them happy. We aren’t attempting to pamper them. This is merely to indulge them in wait-n-watch surprise and diverts their attention from the fact that you are still away. Order online, if there’s no one to buy and offer them the gift on ground.

Writing letters to kids! Out of fashion? Nay!

Contrary to our full faith in chat software, kids who are just learning to write or are in primary classes, love to write their hearts out. Why not ask them to send you a letter, a week. At the same time you too can send letters to them. Of course, this may sound weird, but for kids it’s fun and engaging. The entire process of writing and dropping the letter to the box is a long process they enjoy. The bigger enjoyment is when they hear back from you.

Arranging get-togethers

If you are lucky to have close and concerned cousins and friends, why not help organise a party for the kids at home. Anything that helps them celebrate, smaller reasons, though these may be, parties can help kids stay happier. A week-end kids-party supervised by a family-member can be great. Work out a few such get-togethers if you are really away for long.

Do you have more exciting ideas to share? Please share with us. This will help many more professionals to be better parents and make more kids happier, as they work around the planet in this global economy

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