When rising early no more makes you wealthy…

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How much sleep is good sleep? What is quality sleep? Should children start their school late, as they tend to stay awake for longer hours? Is the saying ‘early to bed, and rising early, makes a man healthy, wise and wealthy ’ no more relevant? What about people who are working on night shifts? Sleep, sleep, sleep!

There seems to be more advice available than we are actually ready to accept. You can go to a sleep therapist or simply do it your own way. The fact remains that sleep deprivation has become a part of our daily life.

Some people take power naps. Some sleep in cars and flights. But the worst part is that this sleep-hunger is, at times, evident during meetings when some member suddenly leans on the desk or shuts eyes and pretends to be listening. In technology driven world, different parts of the world have different remedies to check this deprivation. Meditation, therapy or call it whatever, it means disconnect and sleep. Trying medicines can have counter affects.

So what’s the best thing to do? To me, in my priority list of leisure, sleep comes first. Rising early! Naah! The first day-off work as it comes after several days of working till late hours is completely dedicated to undisturbed sleep. If it’s not the only way, at least it works. Occasionally, it also means keeping my phones silent till I get up.

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