#I Am Not A Hashtag

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There is a section of social media dwellers that persistently monitors hashtag trends. Not only follow but live up, live along with the trends. There are sites, commentators, news organisations who have all decided to be a part of this traffic that is music to ears for advertisers as well as to those who want to appear in the searched trend list.

What, if each one of us too become hash-tag somebody. Also, if each product or service too is hash-tag something… We all turn hashtag something.

The trends are in so many languages and even Roman Script is utilised to speak out and share trends specific to cultures and regions. Just push a hash-tag key and you board the flight of trendsetters.

Hash-tag has left us worlds that would not have existed otherwise. Hashtag campaign, hashtag journalism and to put it in a lighter way even hash-tag celebs are around who possibly thrive on hash-tag.

What, if each one of us too become hash-tag somebody. Also, if each product or service too is hash-tag something… We all turn hash-tag something. We will have a new identity in the real world too. So Ms Someone when called on the stage will be hashtag Someone. When you go to buy apples, ask for hashtag original apples, hashtag red apples. Your friend hashtag Bob will definitely be easy to search as all other Bobs in town will be deviations of Bob.

What happens if like hash-tags, our email ids take over our real names and you are restricted to use only one email id. This will mean that with reserved hash-tags, it will be difficult to build hashtag tribes as possible in the cyber world. Or worst comes to the worst, the world starts using numbers instead of names. The analogue world we live in is reduced to binary system and we, who already exist as numbers in servers across the world, are reduced to mere combinations of ones and zeros in the real world too.

All our poetry, culture, opinions, music gets reduced to ones and zeros. The analogue world and everything in and around it get redundant.

Well, it’s not that it’s happening that way sooner. You would still want to name your kids. Organisations would still prefer an analogue combination of letters to push themselves ahead. Products and services will not definitely turn to hashtag something. Yet, hashtag stuff has been around for some time. Sooner or later, something would get trendier than the hashtag trends.

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